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Save Water – Save Energy – Save Money

All hot water has to be heated!

For all business and residential properties, whether on a water meter or not, if you pay for your electricity or gas, water usage should be a major consideration in the overall cost of your utilities.

It is not by restricting the use of water that huge financial and enviromentel savings are to be made but by conserving water by reducing it’s waste. So often whilst considering ways in which to reduce overall Gas or Electricity bills, saving water is ignored and yet, millions of litres of  Hot and Cold water are wasted every single day, for example taps left running while dishes are rinsed or teeth cleaned quite litterally your money down the drain.

At Bugfish we supply a comprehensive range of simple to use, efficient and cost effective  water and energy saving products that can be retro fitted to every toilet and tap!  Our products are being used effectively by Local Authorities, Businesses, Landlords and homeowners  in  Homes, Offices, Care Homes, Hospitals , Fitness Centres, Caravan Parks, Airports and Hotels. Our products  are designed to enhance the performance of taps and shower heads while reducing water consumption and the associated energy costs by up to 70% or even more.

If we take a shower unit as an example, our water regulators washers, which are simply fitted within the shower hose, reduces the water flow and importantly regulates, and in properties with low pressure, actually improves, the water pressure, enabling you to have a refreshing shower whilst saving both water and money.

Environmentally friendly and cost efficient. By using our products less water will be used, less water will be heated, subsequently Electricity, Gas consumption and CO2 emmissions will go down.

We only offer products of the highest quality with many items being WRAS registered (Details here) which is the recognised standard by the industry and Ofwat.