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With ever increasing energy prices, fuel poverty and the call for everyone to be environmentally aware, homeowners and businesses are searching for new ways to save on their utility costs and the Earths resources, the public have never been more aware of, or open to, the need for Energy conservation.

For all business and residential properties, whether on a water meter or not, if you pay for your electricity or gas, water usage should be a major consideration in the overall cost of your utilities.

All hot water has to be heated!

It is not by restricting the use of water that huge financial and enviromentel savings are to be made but by reducing it’s waste. So often whilst considering ways in which to reduce overall Gas or Electricity bills, water is ignored and yet, millions of litres of Hot and Cold water are wasted every single day, for example taps left running while dishes are rinsed or teeth cleaned quite litterally money down the drain. is proud to be at the forefront of this emerging market and it is by offering information and education alongside our comprehensive range of high quality, cost effective, WRAS approved water and energy saving products that we strive to be the No1 choice for both public and business when making water and energy savinges.

Join with us as we strive to ‘Save the Planet’ one drop at a time.

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