7.6 lpm Fixed White Water Saving Shower Head Laminar Flow

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Product Description

Whether you are looking for a replacement water saving showerhead or fiting a new shower, this high quality shower is ideal.  Using pressure compensating technology to conserve water wihout comprimising on comfort. Designed specifically to fix directly onto the wall or to a shower arm, this high quality water saving shower head with a flow rate of  7.6 lpm delivers water and energy savings in excess of 50% when compared with a standard shower head ,and yet, by optimising and enhancing the pressure maintains expected user comfort levels giving a Great Shower!
  • Reduce water and saves money while enhancing pressure and performance
  • Consistent flow rate regardless of water pressure
  • Non Removable flow compensator
  • Three settings from Gentle to Forceful
  • Non -Aerating spray means less temperature loss with maximum energy savings
  • Saves 20% less  water and energy than a standard 10.Litre Shower Head
  • Self-Cleaning and maintenance – free
  • High-Impact ABS thermoplastic body
  • Anti -sediment screen prevents fine debris from clogging the showerhead
  • Install by hand without tools
  • Fits all standard showerhead arms
  • Exceeds ANSI/ADMR Specifications A11218.1M

This is a non aerated shower head which gives a better shower than the aerated types, it runs a lot quieter.


For electric or Power showers the water needs to be reduced prior to going thorough the heater, hence these can not be used directly on Electric or Power showers.
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