M22 Neoperl Eco Friendly 2.5lpm Spray – Female Fitting

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With such a huge choice, buying a tap aerator or any water saving fitting can be confusing! However, saving water and reducing your utility bills has never been easier. To help guide you through, we have a series of information sheets available.

Step 1: Identify which aerator you need

Product Description

 Neoperl Water Saving 2.5 lpm  Spray

Standard M22 Female Fitting

WRAS APPROVED 0801088:  BS 6920

This High Quality Neoperl Spray offers:

Eco Friendly

Save Water and Reduce Your Utility Bills

Perfect stream quality even under difficult circumstances

Superior Lime Protection

Intergrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediments and particles.

Very low noise levels

Extended Life

Can reduce water Use / wastage by up to 70%


THIS IS A PRESSURE COMPENSATING AERATOR (PCA) and will work at any pressure from .8 – 5 Bar, and by optimizing the flow a constant stream will be achieved regardless of high or low pressure systems. In low pressure areas this can also help to standardise the flow throughout the property.

Please note that this is not suitable for taps that have a separate pipe for the hot or cold feed running through the spout.

 If you do have this type of tap you will need to fit an F-LP Regulator which is available here.

Bugfish.co.uk No 1 Money Saving Tip

Reduce your utility bills by saving water. Fitting simple yet cost effective and efficient water saving products throughout your home or business premises can save you £100’s per year in reduced electricity and Gas usage, remember, all hot water has to be heated!

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