Multifit Neoperl Installation Key – Fits M22, M24 and M28

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Product Help

With such a huge choice, buying a tap aerator or any water saving fitting can be confusing! However, saving water and reducing your utility bills has never been easier. To help guide you through, we have a series of information sheets available.

Step 1: Identify which aerator you need

Product Description

This simple key makes the removal and installation of Neoperl Water Saving Tap Aerators easy, without damaging the Tap aerator or your tap!

By fitting Water Saving Aerators to your taps you not only save water but reduce energy consumption saving money on your gas and electricity bills.

Universal fit M22 M24 and M28 No 1 Money Saving Tip
Reduce your utility bills by saving water. Fitting simple yet cost effective and efficient water saving products throughout your home or business premises can save you £100’s per year in reduced electricity and Gas usage, remember, all hot water has to be heated!

Bugfish ia a approved Neoperl Stockist


Additional information

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